Our 30-minute circuit gives you a healthy mix of cardio and strength-training exercises. 30-minute circuits ensure you can always find the time to workout even with the busiest of schedules. Some members choose to repeat the circuit for an hour workout.

All fitness levels welcome!

Whether you are just getting off the couch or a top athlete, the KTA Fitness workout is tailored for you. Our circuit includes:

spartan sGx training

Spartan SGX Training

Our body weight-focused workouts are fun and varied. In our classes, you bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist — exactly what your body has been designed to do for over millions of years.


Almost anybody has the potential to train for, and participate in, a Spartan Race – but building a solid foundation is key. We are certified Spartan SGX coaches helping you train for your next event.


Find a Spartan race near you.

Fitmetrix heart rate sensor

The Fitmetrix heart rate monitor allows you to have access to all of your workouts in the gym and out!

In the Gym

Use while in the gym and track, rank, display and reward with real-time results.

On the Web

FitMetrix's member portal offers a powerful User Interface where you can review and track performance and health data.

Mobile App

Track your workouts inside or outside the gym.

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